~ New Choristers join the Abbey Choir ~

New ChoristersDeputy Chorister At the end of February two new choristers joined the Abbey Choir.  Charles Ayson-Parrish and Charlie Smith became probationers last September.  After six months as probationers, Abbot Martin welcomed Charles and Charlie as full choristers at Mass in the Abbey Church on Sunday, 28th February.  They now take up the full timetable of an Abbey Chorister – rehearsals four times a week and weekly services in the Abbey Church.  On the same day, the Abbot installed Adeyemi Adeola as an Abbot’s Scholar and Sam Lubkowski as Deputy Chorister in the Choir.  Both Adeyemi and Sam now take the responsibility of mentoring new choristers as they join the Choir. 


After Sunday Mass, the Friends and Parents of the Abbey Choir met in the Maurice Fowler Hall for coffee during which the new choristers received their choir tie and jumper.  With our two new choristers the choir now consists of 19 full choristers and four further probationers.  It’s wonderful to see the choir growing!